Hot off the Presses! Jim helps another charity set a record!!

Thank you so much for your outstanding auction last night. I have to say that anyone who can get $500 for a glass of water is quite an auctioneer! The auction was a success not only because of your great presentation but because of the extensive preparation you did beforehand. No auctioneer that I have ever worked with spent so much prep time going over the items, talking with donors, coordinating with everyone involved, and synching with the video. All that hard work really paid off once the actual auction started.

I'll let you know how we did once we count up all the receipts, but I'm sure it's the best we've ever done.  We'll email you the dates for our golf tournament and next gala. We definitely want you to reserve a space for us!

Thanks for helping a good cause.

Dr. A. Howard, Rio Hondo College Foundation

Charity Golf Tournament Raises Record Amount with Jim Nye "The Benefit Auction Guy" | Print |

What's better than golfing? Golfing and raising money!! Jim can help you do that:

"More than 150 people turned out to participate in the 8th Annual Orange County Ronald McDonald House Golf Tournament. The sell-out event was a huge success. The spirited live auction began when auctioneer Jim Nye sold a glass of tap water for $175! The tournament ended up raising a record $126,000."

--Courtesy of the Orange County Ronald McDonald House

Planning a small or last-minute event? No Problem! | Print |

Here's a note from the Chairwoman of a small, quickly planned event)....

"Jim, I want to thank you for a stupendous job. You made the event a huge success. We made over $ 11,000  on the live auction, and total we are looking at depositing $43,000 into the Marilyn DeCarlo Cancer Fund. I am amazed and humbled by everyone's giving."

Kristy V., Chair -Marilyn DeCarlo Cancer Fund

Orange County Register Review of Jim Nye | Print |
"Auctioneer Jim Nye, who made the live auction great fun with his witty repartee, offered everything from a luncheon for eight at Heritage House, compliments of the Maags, to an afternoon sail with drinks and hors d'oeuvres for four on state Senator Dick Ackerman's 42-foot yacht "Free Ride."

Donna Bunce, People Watch, The Orange County Register


"Increased Revenues...
Very Happy Guests...
Relieved Committees...
Yes, it’s ALL Possible!"

Jim Nye - Benefit Auctioneer Specialist
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